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ALIZENT – Asset Interactive provides digital solutions for visibility, control and optimization of plant production management in over 250 facilities worldwide for leading Aluminium, Food and Industrial Gases companies.
ALIZENT is pleased to announce that its Canadian teams have been awarded the contract for the supply of a new Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for a large aluminium producer in the Middle East.
To fulfill the project needs, ALIZENT teams have been trusted as global MES Integrator and will be providing its KOS solution for the Casthouse, in partnership with Rio Tinto, who will be providing its MESALTM MES solutions for the carbon plant. ALIZENT also subcontracted the supply of the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) to LabVantage.
Alizent KOS offers a complete ready-to- use MES solution that only requires configuration to cover a maximum of the aluminium smelter and the rolling mill requirements. It is recognized as the most advanced packaged solution to handle all operations found in any complex Casthouse.
The project will be executed from the ALIZENT Middle East office, with support from the Montreal office as well as from the Rio Tinto team located in France.

Rebranded as ALIZENT since Jan. 1st 2017, our Canadian entity (formerly known as Keops Technologies) was founded in 1982 in Montreal and has been in the business of providing MES solutions for Aluminium smelters for more than 30 years. ALIZENT Canadian teams have been successfully implementing for over a decade MES solutions for smelters all around the globe with many located in the Middle East.


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