Alizent implements outbound scanning for a major UK brewer

Minimize loss & optimize the usage of your container fleet

Keep track of your assets to increase accountability, minimize loss & optimize the usage of your container fleet. Our solution is specifically designed for the brewing industry and is scalable therefore offering staged investment depending upon key ROI drivers specific to each Brewers individual circumstances. Different technologies such as UHF RFID are combined with sophisticated algorithms and reporting to fully harness the power of the data collected.


Tag only a proportion of your Container Fleet

A Statistical approach whereby only a proportion of the assets within the population are tagged along with minimal scan points, intelligently located at key points in the supply chain.

Allows to keep track of your assets and high accuracy reporting such as:

  • Cycle time behaviour at brand level
  • Forecasting of keg availability
  • Loss rate trending and population sizing

Learn more about the statistical approach in our White Paper.

Keg tracking: how can it benefit your business?

Cover all stages of the supply chain


The solution can be extended to cover end to end tracking from keg packaging, throughout the entire primary and secondary distribution networks, including end mile delivery. Brewers are now able to pinpoint the location of each individual keg at each stage of the supply chain. Innovative methods have also been developed to deal with scenarios whereby kegs are sold in bulk into distributor or wholesaler markets.


This enables significant additional controls and benefits such as deposit / balance scheme management (or replacement), near real time product recall, stock optimisation quality control, cycle time efficiency, forecasting, loss avoidance & management.