Our solutions help transform businesses; improving the efficiency of operations and establishing new communication channels with customers and partners.

Returnable assets

Our expertise in IoT technologies and supply chain analytics combined with vertical knowledge of industrial processes, allows us to tap into the great potential hidden in the core of operations for many industries.

Remote assets

We are experts in digitizing activities on the field through the application of mobile computing technologies and monitoring the status of remote assets through the application of IoT technologies.

Production assets

Technology plays a key role in today’s production processes. We have over 20 years of experience at leveraging the transformational capabilities of technology and adapting them to your production processes and equipment.

Some examples of our standard solution platforms

Solución Django Cloud

Django cloud

Solución Awarenet


Gasflow solución


Solución Kegflow



Our idea of innovation is one that can be sustained in time and allows a business to obtain a long lasting benefit.
To achieve that, we make the journey with our clients along all 

phases of a project, from the concept to field operations. Our multidisciplinary team innovates thinking in the future and the sustainability of the technologies employed.


Vision and Proof of Concept

In collaboration with our clients, we transform ideas into technological solutions. We help our clients design, prototype and test rapidly under a global vision comprising technology, processes and user experience – clients can benefit from our Digital Lab facilities and proven UX methodology to design solutions that final users will immediately adopt.

Design and Development

Our team skillset is difficult to match. Our competencies in development include software, mobile software, telecom, digital and analog electronic design with a strong specialization in IoT and RFID. We already operate millions of connected assets, so we anticipate security & maintainability early in the design of the solution.

Deployment and Operations

Our Project management team is composed of professionals certified as PMP (Project Management Professional), the standard de facto industry certification granted by the Project Management Institute.

They will guide our clients in the preparation, test and deployment of projects mixing complex elements such as software, interconnected systems, field mobility devices and multiple stakeholders.

IT Operations

In most technological solutions, the key to success is the management of their lifecycle. We know firsthand the impact our solutions have for our clients operations and that’s why we know it requires an integral management of their lifecycle.

Our IT Operations include a service desk with specialized telephone and mail support, hosting and monitoring of systems, corrective and preventive maintenance (hard/soft) as well as a complete change management program centered on the global vision of the solution – all of this with industrial-grade SLAs.