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Technology should be adapted to business and not vice versa. In-depth industry specific knowledge is necessary to achieve this, to extract the maximum potential through the application of technology.

We specialise in the following industries

Oil & Gas

Safety, quality and efficiency are major drivers for this industry. Hazardous materials logistics and working environments can create gaps between what’s possible in digital technologies today and the Oil & Gas industry. Our vertical knowledge of the industry enables the digital transformation of logistics, asset tracking and real time visibility on operations.

We supply solutions to Oil & Gas, upstream and downstream, from tracking high value assets offshore to completely transforming the LPG value chain. Today we track more than 12 Million assets within the Oil & Gas industry in over 600 locations worldwide.

Metals & Mining

In the primary metal sector and primarily in Aluminum, control and predictability of the manufacturing process, from the reception of raw materials to the delivery of your finished goods, is essential to ensure your product meets the quality and reliability standards that your customers demand.

Our SMART manufacturing solutions provide visibility, enable our customers to maximize asset utilizationgenerate efficiency, deliver a controlled and predicted outcome and create an environment for continuous improvement.

Today, more than 2 million metric tons of Aluminum per year across the globe are monitored and optimized using our solutions.

Industrial Gases

Industrial gas providers are faced with many challenges, from the cybersafe implementation of their production plants remote operations, to the increasing customer expectations at every step of their journey.

Thanks to our solutions, millions of gas cylinders are tracked, allowing to provide real-time inventories to customers, thousands of client tank levels are monitored, deliveries of hundreds of trailers are optimized daily and failure of rotating equipments on plants are anticipated, significantly reducing maintenance downtime.

Enivronment, Energy & Water

Digitalization of Assets, Operations & Maintenance Management are the key to efficiency & cost savings for the Environment, Energy & Water Industries.

We have in-depth knowledge and expertise in providing integrated Process Information and Control System for Sewage Treatment Plants and have successfully completed the design, engineering, supply, installation and commissioning for one of the world’s largest Profibus installations (more than 10,000 devices) for one of the most advanced water reclamation facilities in Singapore.

Chemical & Pharmaceutical

Continuous research & development, client relationships, improved management and daily administration or even to simplify the examination and planning of production, are some essential elements in this sector.

Our solution allows to track the core operational assets within the supply chain and production, optimizing performance and maximizing utilization. We are developing a solution to monitor bio-samples cryogenic temperature all along their journey.

Food & Beverages

Food and Beverage companies optimize asset management and guarantee product quality through the control of assets in the production and supply chain process, in addition to preventive and corrective maintenance.

Working  with several of the world’s largest brewers, we currently track over 2.5 million kegs individually.  Our solution helps clients to understand the asset cycle time, for accurate planning  and forecasting as well as providing valuable quantities of data to support future high-level decision making in even more depth as the system constantly generates information.

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