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Who we are looking for?

The people who join us are, in addition to being passionate about technology, convinced of our purpose and above all aspire to work in an international and multicultural environment.

They are enthusiastic about the variety of our solutions portfolio which means that no two days are alike.

We accompany our employees, whom we consider to be our greatest assets, and we are convinced that diversity is a strength, whether of gender, background, generation or culture. We respect everyone's opinions and consider all points of view.

We are proud to be recognized by our employees as a learning and empowering company that allows them to be actors in their own development and career path.

Fostered by their manager, they benefit from numerous training or certification opportunities to become recognized experts in their fields, or to diversify.

In this way, we promote internal mobility by adapting to the aspirations of each.

The collaborative and reciprocal helping spirit is part of the group's DNA and facilitates the integration and skills development of each new employee.

In addition, the trust that managers have in their team allows everyone to better organize their working time for a good work-life balance.